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wess select - Bad customer service

I often come to Latvia for business trip, so I decided to bring the car to the country.
It was recommended to install a security alarm system due to situation in Latvia and I did it, of course,due to recommendation.
I went back to Germany and left the car in Latvia for winter and, of course, the battery was down.
I called the ADAC services and they told me that I have to replace the battery and furthermore to adjust the alarm security system to be able to start the motor.
So, I called the evacuation services and brought the car to BMW, where I thought, it would be delivered into the good hands.
According the bill-3hrs for diagnostics was made for the car although the new battery was included and it was clear from diagnostics that the problem lays exclusively on security system.
It should have take them maximum 10 min to call the customer in order to adjust the security alarm system properly.
However, As me and my Latvian friend were picking up the car- they told us, that the problem was on security alarm system and I should go back to the company to activate this again.
I knew this from the very beginning and he was also not able to explain the situation,
why it took them 3 hrs. to diagnose me something which ADAC services told me after 5 Min of car evaluation.
Well, I paid this 3 hours diagnostics bill and went back to the company to activate the signalization again and was quite surprised about the outcome.
They showed me that the cable of security alarm system were cut by knife in a very undiligent manner and there was no security alarm system in the car!
If would keep a wallet or other personal property in my car- would they also take it and not give it back to the client?- this what they asked me there.
Also, as I called Wess Select to order a new battery- they promissed to call me back and nobody did.
Never experienced such a bad service and attitude to the customers from official BMW representative- wrote an E-Mail to Managing Director there- will see how the issue will be getting resolved....

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Dannii Disaster 13.05.2013

Resolved? Yeah. Right. Hello? You're in Latvia, mate! Need I say more?

Since you're a business person yourself, the following should make sense to you:

Unless your car is less than 3 years old, why would you service it at the dealer's? There are loads of private garages that will cost you a fraction of what you paid the service centre (unlike dealer centres, private garages rarely charge per-hour), and you'll not notice any difference in quality.

Family garages tend to be friendlier anyway. It's their own business they run, so they actually care about their reputation and their customers' satisfaction -- they want you to come back and they will 'fight' for your business to keep theirs afloat, whereas service centre staff are just clerks (usually stuck-up, cocky, obnoxious ones) that receive a salary from the central office, so they don't give a flying f*** about their customers; they will get their wage at the end of the month anyway...

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