LV RU Swedbank Gross incompetence

Swedbank - Gross incompetence

I left Latvia at the end of March 2020 and kept my account open because I still had the possibility to use Internet banking, was planning to close it after managing to open a new one in my new country of residence, Austria.
So it happened that last week I lost my phone which had the smart id app connected to my Internet banking. I called swedbank and was told that I can close the net banking option for security reasons and call them if I need to make a transaction later or close the account.
I was on the phone 45min with the most incompetent human being I have ever met who, after identifying me twice refused to close my account or make a transfer to an account of my choice. She kept offering me to take out cash from an atm if I need and other alternatives to closing the account. She drove me out of my mind and when asking why she wouldn't help me she would only say 'I asked this to my manager' but gave no reason. So swedbank is withholding my money without any reason. I am now waiting for them to get back to me which she said it may be today or maybe next week!.. No case number registered, gross incompetence, miserable English language, horrible handling. She made scream at her by the end of this useless conversation which is something I wouldn't do because I worked for years in support including in banks in Latvia... I don't even know what to do but seeking legal advice which is more expensive than what I have left in that account..


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G Gabi. Babone 24.04.2020

Swedbank gross incompetence

⛔️ 24.04.2020

So where was the problem to withdraw cash from ATM in Austria and then add money to the new bank account instantly? You look suspicious, need to report on you to the Interpol, probably you did some criminal sh..t in Latvia and then escaped to Austria.

G Gabi. Babone 24.04.2020

Haha you're funny. There's no problem except for the fact that I'm trying to pay for purchases online where some websites ask for Swedbank autentification through smart I'd for completing the payment. I will withdraw the balance and, as you suggest open a new account here, nevertheless this is time consuming. I know what you are talking about when saying I look suspicious because I worked in SEB for a while as a matter of fact. She was incompetent as she couldn't understand my English properly, then she panicked and refused to execute a simple bank transfer to my husband's who is also a Swedbank account.

Pacco_al 26.04.2020

Priekš cilvēka, kurš būtu strādājis bankās, klientu atbalstā - pārāk stulbs teksts. Ka jau tu esi no tās pašas "saimes" tad jau elementāras lietas būtu jāsaprot.

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