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Yes i would also like to warn about this company. They are paying in hands, not willing to pay fully what you have earned by giving you so many reasons for it. They came from israel and opened the company not legally. You will not be working officially and people who work there are not registered officially. They try to make good impression at first but then they start to make you work like a slave and not want to pay you in return. You will have to speak to around 800 people a day trying to sell bitcoins for cold calling. Sometimes you will not be able to make a sale for 1 month so you will be left with 600 euro which they are not willing to pay and will try to cut it for you also. Their fake names are alex, adam and jacob. They smoke weed in the hr room and offer it to employers. Also they take a piss in coca cola bottles and throw them out the window everyday. Owners of the building are complaining about it all the time. Also when they firstly moved in, they got offered to make a sink and a toilet by the owners of the building. On which this fake company to save money replied no need. So workers need to go all the time from 5th floor to 1st floor for the toilet or to wash anything. They bullshit about millions that they have and about so many centers that they own. In reality they have nothing, and that they have some 500 workers all over the world and that they have the company for past 7 years is also a lie. Dont waste your time there. After 1 month you might not even get payed for the time you have worked. I would not be surprised if they are just taking money from people as a scam company.


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Ventilators 12.04.2019

State Labour Inspectorate Headquarters 38 k-1, Kr.Valdemara Street Riga or vdi[at]vdi[dot]gov[dot]lv

L Laura4454 15.04.2019

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