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AirBaltic - Very bad service

Dear AirBaltic,

“Unfortunately” I would like to share the “terrible” experience which I had together with my family with one of your staff who is supposed to be a kind of “representative of yours! “

Today around 11.00 in the morning at the Riga Airport we came to the Air Baltic service center desk. The reason for our visit was to ask about the payment email from AirBaltic for the added suitcase for my son's flight to Billund which I never received the night before even if I had a “your request has been received email”. And my wife (she is Latvian) has been asking nicely why we haven’t been receiving the payment email, obviously, we wouldn’t be coming to the service desk if we had the link. And she asked the service desk staff if he could send it again. And the answer was "we sent it system says it is sent and that's all you can buy here or go and book online again", I said ok let me book online again and after I try I saw that it is not possible to purchase 12 hr before flight leaves, which is understandable and there was no problem on that, but while I am trying to book online the discussion between my wife and AirBaltic staff was still going on about not received link.

After all, I told him I can not buy it and showed him the red warning, and I also told him that he should know that it is not possible to purchase the service, why did he offer to book online I also started to tell my negative opinion and thoughts about the AirBaltic policy as well as how "not client-oriented" they are which is true and probably will never change and thousands are thinking same but as AirBaltic is almost a monopoly in Baltics people are using. And I also added that they act as a "low-cost airline" which is not as you know.

And I also mentioned this is not the way to deal with clients by making faces and tones of strange mimics jests and tunes! He should solve the problem not create another problem by telling us to go book online when we can not due to the departure time of the flight.

Now we are coming to the most important part; I turned and asked him why he tell me to book online while he can issue here and faced with the answer " I told this WOMAN" Let me inform you, not your client service desk staff, not your damn CEO can call my wife as "WOMAN" and I believe none of the ladies should call as "this woman"! If you do not have people on the front line who can talk and use English better at an international airline company, pay more and put in someone who can. And I corrected him that he can't call my wife WOMAN but a lady. And after that, I told him, please finalize the added suitcase, let me pay and go and he asked me If I wanted to buy it via him. I said yes of course. And such a surprise second part came and he told me while he was touching to keyboard and stopped turned me and he told me " I am not going to issue your suitcase until you apologize because I heard all that you told your wife about AirBaltic" Word by word this way, I am sure you record all conversations and they can listen.

So I was told by AirBaltic staff that my private conversations are listened to by him, and I was asked to apologize because He did not like my comments that it was terrible service and policy and even more. And I said ok, first of all, you should not listen to my conversation because you have nothing to do to you and also you should apologize to my wife by calling her "THIS WOMAN ''. And after that, he called security, which I will deal with later by HAVAS why 11-12 members of staff have to come while there is no danger of anybody and some conversation going on about the bad behavior of incompetent Airline staff. I asked him to give me a document that he refused to sell me the luggage service, but he refused, I asked his name he also refused. And I also told him it is not a problem for me to purchase another ticket another day from another airline or AirBaltic and send him but I will deal with this issue. After all, we bought a suitcase at the check-in desk, and our son has left

Now, I want to know;

When does the Airline service desk decide what passengers can talk with their wives and husbands about the service quality of the company and decide not to give service after they listen to passengers in an ill-mannered way?

Are you planning to put a well English spoken member of staff as your company's face in your services desks?

Is your member of staff allowed to listen, think, and decide about comments between wife and husband and request an apology to issue the service bill? If he is, he shouldn't after an apology also, besides I have not anyway as there is nothing to apology but he should by calling my wife "A WOMAN"

As far as I know, there is something called "freedom of thought and freedom of speech" in Latvia, because I am not a tourist here, maybe you can inform me that AirBaltic is using "fascist Nazi Germany law in the company" and can decide what people can think and talk about?

I will make sure this letter is in all possible national and international platforms and media so people can have an idea of what they can face at the Riga Airport AirBaltic service desk they should not talk close to Airline staff and I and my wife waiting " an apology" for getting called with your staff " THIS WOMAN" by shouting. All you should know being behind the table doesn't give you any immunity!

Friendly advice; you should properly train these people who talk or try to talk as your company's face and teach them what is "problem-solving" and what is being "client-oriented " "and how to talk to a lady" or simply change the trainers.

Soviet time was over long ago. And the civilized world works a bit different

PS: Your great "help desk" person has bravely been shouting his name behind us is Nikita.

Aydin Bozkurt


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R Regular_Karen 20.02.2023

U crazy dude!

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