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Mārtiņš Ruķeris - Fraud scammer thief

Martins Rukeris-Framanis is a career criminal. He creates stories regarding selling property, and says he is finding special deals but you must pay him directly. Then there is some other problem, he is using banks to help him defraud people

he stole 70,000 from me. Real cash, not fake profit or something.

I bought flats from him, but he didn't own the flats to sell.

He does all of this in a typical style. Tells stories and tries to keep the trust going, and always wanting More money.

A true fraudster

i have moved here to riga to get my money back from martins. I won't be leaving until i get all of my money returned to me. Even if that means that martins will just see me smoking a cigarette outside of his apartment at arsenala 7-6.. Just as a reminder that not all of the people he steals from will just walk away.

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Life_is_life 07.05.2020

Go to police

M mancave 07.05.2020

how exactly did he lure your money. Describe the situation

J James Dale Vanderslice 07.05.2020

same as he stole from his other latvian childhood friends.

He stole from many people. 4-5 people, and I estimate around 200,000 euro stolen in total (70,000 euro is from me)

Here's the facebook post I have online regarding this
Please share!

This guy Martins Rukeris stole 70000 euro from me by selling me apartments and then taking them back and telling me to fuck off after I spent a substantial amount in renovations (Using a complicated criminal scheme)

Latvian scammer.

He stole a lot of money from many of his friends. He is a pyramid scheme builder and criminal thief.

Latvian state police have accepted my criminal applications against him, 2 years ago, but Martins Rukeris still remains free.

Lock this criminal up and protect society from his criminal behavior!
Lūdzu dalies!
Šī persona Mārtiņš Rukeris nozaga no manis 70000 eiro, pārdodot man dzīvokļus un vēlāk atgriežot tos atpakaļ sev un pasūtot mani ...mājas tālāk.
(Izmantojot sarežģītu kriminālu shēmu)
Viņš nozaga daudz naudas no dadziem saviem draugiem. Viņš ir piramīdas shēmu veidotājs un noziedzīgs zaglis.
Latvijas valsts policija ir pieņēmusi manu krimināllietas iesniegumu pret šo personu, kas bija pirms diviem gadiem, bet Mārtiņš Rukeris vēl joprojām ir uz brīvām kājām.
Arestējiet šo noziedzinieku un pasargājiet sabiedrību no viņa noziedzīgās izturēšanās!

J James Dale Vanderslice 07.05.2020

The main part of his scam, other than just taking peoples money. Is that he uses his own girlfriend as a major part of his scheming.

When I first confronted him with evidence that it seems he might be a pyramid scammer; his response was to show a magazine that shows that his girlfriend is number 72 on the list of richest latvian millionaires, as some kind of proof that he is not a Liar/Thief. He used this point as the reason to ask to more and more money, faster and faster to feed his SCAM.

The thing about this Latvian Millionaire list, is that Linda (#72) was never a millionaire. This was also part of his scam. He had her buy some shares in a russian bank, that they knew were garbage, but temporarily looked like they had value at the time that the magazine created it's list of rich latvians.

So he uses stolen money from other people, to buy trash stock in a company, to fraudulently inflate the appearance of wealth in his girlfriend Linda's name, in order to gain more confidence from the people that he is in the process of sucking money and stealing from.

DISGUSTING in my opinion to use your girlfriend in such a way.

All during this, I have heard from mutual friends of his girlfriend Linda's, that Martins Rukers was telling her all the time that I am the scammer, and the others he stole from are the scammers...

This is the same bullshit story he has told the Valsts policija during their investigation. And because this set of lies from Martins Rukeris caused some doubt/confusion in the police of who is the criminal here; the entire investigation is now going slowly, and appears to be stalled while they first decide if maybe this criminal Martins is telling the truth or something.

This is just another part to his criminal strategy.

I beg the Latvian police to follow the simple evidence, follow the money by using court orders already obtained by them to dig into Martins personal and business accounts to see what actually happened.

A thief was allowed to steal something like 250,000 euros from 5 of his best friends, and is walking free. 70,000 euros from me alone.

MARTINS RUKERIS needs to face justice for what he has done, and what he appears to continuing to do (now using a bartender friend of his from old town to buy property in his name using everyone's stolen Money)

J James Dale Vanderslice 07.05.2020

I have all the sms history, paypal history of payments, everything collected.

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