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I would like to provide feedback as i do believe that maybe the company will think that it is ok to work in such way was they are working. Also it is disappointment to your clients - you made a promise to destroy it.
-very bad service (besides that-no additional selling to clients)
-not keeping promises and don’t care about clients
-very slow (some photos are made like a print screen to see how long we had to sit next to dirty dishes)
-food which we got was not what we ordered
-there is always taste etc. But some of dishes were old and not suitable to serve. I will add some photos.
On 25.02.2023. My relative had a birthday and for that reason she made a reservation for a table for 10/11 people. To make sure that all will be ok she went there with her husband already before to try out meal and make a booking on the place. We made a pre-order for each person in advance to make a process smooth. My relative was asking you on 25th of february to put water on the table and some cold snacks in advance.
On the 25th of february she came earlier (her booking was made for 14: 00) and she told the personnel that she is there and they can prepare the table. We all came in time and there was nothing on the table yet. Candle was without fire.
The lady who was serving us was totally not interested in us - she was not offering menu additionally, we asked her for water several times (the same to put a fire on candy) . After long waiting finally she bring a salmon sandwiches - but we had to eat them with napkins. 😊 then after longer waiting she finally brought salads (they had to be served already before we came..) - without dishes. We explained her that we need some dishes for salads as it is hard to eat with napkins. Afterwards she came again and told that they don’t have rice and all need to choose either potatoes slices either boiled potatoes. The relative who had a birthday asked not to put potatoes but only vegetables.
We had to bagging the service lady for drinks menu. After we finished a cold meal - no one was trying to take away dirty dishes. She started to bring warm dishes (we were waiting a long time to get them) and dirty dishes still were on the table and we had to ask to service lady to take them away.
Warm dishes: salads were old (photo) , relative which had a birthday and asked for a vegetables got potatoes, meal which was described – grilled chicken fillet with cheese cap, rise, grilled apple, fresh salads and dill sausage was actually – chicken, potatoes and dill - nothing else! Beef meet dish was mixed with pork fat, dish with trout - small scrips were placed on the top of trout skin and extra ordinary olive placed in trout eye.
After that we had to ask for a menu to get something from desserts for the kid - he ordered thin pancakes. He got them with a spoon - as it was not possible to eat them with a spoon we had to ask for the knife and fork.
It is even not worth to mention that from 3 types of tea - the green tea was out of stock.
At the very end surprisingly the service lady said that she apologized and we can have a free of charge non alcoholic drinks. That was one of worst experiences ever. Not recommending to anyone.

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ŠLOKENBEKAS MUIŽAS "KRODZIŅŠ" - Slikts serviss, vecs ēdiens, lēna apkalpošana

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