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Galdiņ, Klājies! - Slikts serviss, cenām neatbilstošs ēdiens

Shock and disappointment!

I am absolutely shocked and deluded about this place! We booked everything in advance, agreed on a menu and were hoping to have a great celebration of a kid's birthday. Had a reservation for 19: 00 and as it is a family gathering everyone was saying the birthday wishes, we entered in the restaurant at 19: 06. Instead of a warm welcome we received from a waitress a comment why are we late and that they cannot serve other guests, because our dishes are “blocking” the kitchen. Wow, nice to see you too! Well, it did not surprise me when all the dishes they brought were dry, obviously it was precooked already, therefore was not fresh when we had a sit at the table.

Most of people ordered grilled salmon and it was the worst salmon we've ever tried. It was overcooked, dry and therefore tasted like a sole. It is almost impossible to make the salmon taste bad, but they did it, wow! But the main problem was not even that. All the food that we had (12 portions) was extremely salty. Maybe this is the marketing of this place to make people spend More on drinks?

The portions are just gigantic. I would rather eat a tasty, delicate and small portion instead of this elephant-sized, over-salted, dry portion which seems gigantic only because of tones of fries and some tasteless salads with it. I do not know for who those huge portions are made, but i am so sorry for tones of food they waste every day, because not a single person can finish this size of portions – nor kids, nor adults.

It was supposed to be a happy family celebration, that is why we didn’t want to ruin our evening and our mood by just going away from this place right after the first bite. Everyone was very hungry after the whole day of being at the beach and nature. In addition, there were no places around at 20: 00 saturday evening in the middle of nowhere of Latvia, for 12 people event (which was booked in advance) .

The waitress never asked, if the dishes were ok or if we liked it. So we communicated the problem to a waitress ourselves (the only staff available there – no management in place) , the reaction of the staff was absolutely unprofessional – the waitress just told that for the cook the level of saltiness seems ok. Well, for 12 of us it did not seem so, but the staff did not even try to solve the problem in any way.

In addition to this, i am quite concerned about the sanitary of this place – the bathroom is in a horrible condition, as well as the same person serves the tables, works at the cashier and then also touches the food. I can understand that this place is having problems with staff and the same person needs to cover 3 positions – though sanitary is still a very important thing to follow.

Good news are that the deserts and coffee were good! Well, at least they were not over-salted!:) ice cream was tasty and served very nicely. Though baked ice-cream was a bit disappointing, because of a huge amount of “kellogg’s” cereals around the tiny piece of ice-cream. Normally the layer of baked dough is thinner for this desert.

To sum up, i would love to underline that i have never written a negative review in my life, though this situation and the attitude of staff was critical this time. If unluckily, on a saturday evening you end up in this area – do not ever go there if you do not want to get intoxicated with salt. Any gas station will be better than spending money in a place where staff does not care about customers, but management and owners do not care about quality.


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