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Today at 7am my friend Anna Monteiro correia with her 2 y. O. Daughter supposed to have a flight to zurich with airbaltic (from zurich she had another flight with etihad to abu dabi) . The flight was canceled, due to the technical reason.
Airbaltic offered anna to flight tomorrow with the same flight, at the same time (hope this time flight won't be canceled without prior notice!) , stay one day at the hotel with check-in at 2pm. And of course, they gave anna 2 vouchers for 20 euro. 20 eur for a meal for two people staying in riga!
My friend is still in the airport (she arrived there at 5.30 am!) , sitting on the bench (nobody offered her a lounge) with the sleeping kid, waiting for her check-in in the hotel at 2pm with 10 eur voucher (10 she already spent for breakfast) .
Dear airbaltic is it a way you compensate for the canceled flight? You really don't have any resources to help mother with a kid to feel comfortable for the mistake happened by your fault?

Papildināts AA 22.08.2019

Today's flight has been canceled AGAIN!


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Life_is_life 21.08.2019

She can do a travel insurance

Saivii 21.08.2019

Why is the complaint being written here instead of contacting Air Baltic directly?

A AA 22.08.2019

The complaint is shared everywhere! Of course we contacted them, and got a standard reply:
We understand your disappointment, however as we advised, if additional assistance is needed, we kindly ask her to contact either our Transit Desk or Ticket office and our colleagues will do our best to help.
If the passenger afterwards would like to submit us more details (about additional expenses she had etc.) we kindly ask her to do it via the online form:
Our Customer Relations department will get back to her.

Today's flight been canceled again!

M Mikki 22.08.2019

Your friend may be entitled to a compensation of up to 400 eur according to EU regulations. I strongly advise her to google canceled flight compensation in EU and follow instructions of how to get her money back.

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