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On july 17 i had to travel from the city where i live, Ludza, to kaunas to pick up some relatives who were arriving by plane. Picking them up and returning by road, towards home, we stopped to rest and eat something at the gas station in ukmergės r. , dukstyna village, vytauto str. 131, deluded of us that when asking for a hog dog for the 10-year-old niece, in russian, thinking that this way she would understand us better than in spanish, the gas station attendant, first made us a desperate void, without wanting to attend to us and before the our insistence that he attend us, being the hog dog machine with about six pieces, to our astonishment he told us that there were no hog dogs, come on, he did not attend us, we left the store astonished, to which i returned to ask him for the service in english, and that was when, to my amazement, everything i asked for was served. I know that things are very hot with the war in Ukraine and Russia, but from that to not even serving you for trying to communicate in russian, that's enough
for this reason, i filed a complaint with the viada company, asking to know if this way of acting is company policy or if it is the action of a stupid, ill-mannered saleswoman.
People who travel through europe and need to stop at one of these gas stations of the viada company, be careful, first ask what language you can speak, because you run the risk of not being attended to and kicked out of the place


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S Suitfree 20.07.2022

i was in Lithuania 10 years ago and they did not served me in shop when i asked in russian language. And not because they ignore,but because they dont even know russian. Dont take it to serious and use english next time.. but not 100% chance aswell.

P PatiesiibasMeka 20.07.2022

Why exactly have you imagined that russian is way to go in any other country apart from that terrorist crap place?

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