LV RU Plaza Rent Tourists beware!

Plaza Rent - Tourists beware!

I contacted the company several weeks ahead to reserve a specific car and they were supposed to pick me up at the airport. The guy never showed up! My cell phone was not working in latvija, so it was big trouble to find their number. The guy on the phone said that the other guy will come to the airport again and look for me. I gave him my description and the exact spot where i will be standing. 30 min later, he still didn't come. So now i have to pay for a taxi to their office which is far from the airport. When i got to the office, there were two customers ahead of me - each one was 15 minutes of filling out paperwork. When it was my turn, i expected an apology from the manager, but nothing! He instead blamed me for not looking for his partner. So, the car i had reserved was not available and instead, they loaned a piece of junk, old golf with terrible brakes and worn-out clutch. It was scary driving in a new city with such an old, crappy car. The other surprise was the 50 eur cash deposit i had to leave. You can collect it only after 30 days, so if you don't live in latvia, goodbye to your deposit. Latvian people are lousy at business. They don't care about customer service, or even being polite to the customer. They wasted 1.5 hours of my time by not delivering the car to the airport as we agreed and were unpleasant in person. I will choose a different car rental business next time.


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N Noboby 02.12.2019

Well said about us being lousy. I cannot say anything about this situation other than that Latvians are leads trying to steal as much money as we can from very stupid things because for some reason everyone thinks that every customer is just a one time deal, I am ashamed of my people and all I can say that not all of us are that bad

We had same car there , dirty and spirometer does any work. Deposit from begging was 50 euro , when we come there to sign up contract, deposit changed to 100 euros, wtf? Than we asked how can we get our deposit back , they when you will bring car back we will give it you , because we r not leaving in Latvia. So when we come back , no deposit , answer was reed the contract, common we made agreement. They don’t care at all . And if you will have punishment, you have to pay to company 150 euro plus your punishment, What the hell is this? First time I see something like that. Don’t rent from them. They are bastards.

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