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Please do NOT use Modalane, the owner, Alvis Būmeisters, scammed us.

At first, everything seemed legit. We found his company through the website. We met in person at his office in February of 2022 to discuss building our home. He was very charismatic and friendly so we felt at ease. Plus he had a portfolio of other finished projects and no online complaints (at the time).

After one month of going back and forth to define the details for the tāme, we signed the contract for getting the project documents (AR, BK, ĢP, ELT, ŪKT, geology, topography). As per the contract, there were 3 parts where we would pay in order to finalise the project, where Alvis was going to outsource this work to an architect. We paid the first part.

From this point on, things started to go downhill. We wouldn't hear from him sometimes for two weeks straight. Whenever we would get a reply and had questions or wanted to make alterations to the plans it would take another 2 weeks to get a response. Months pass just trying to unsuccessfully finalise the blueprint for the house.

Summer passes, and we realise that in order to be able to finish the blueprint for the house, and all the other documents, we will need to contact the architect directly, since it takes too long to discuss it through Alvis.

It is around October 2022 that we hear from the architect that they didn't receive the money from the second part of the contract that we sent to Alvis earlier in the month. By this time it is too late to build the house, and we don't have the documents ready even if we wanted to. The architect never received the missing money so we had to pay it again directly to not further cause delays.

We waisted a whole year and lost over 4000 euros, with little accomplished, and we didn't hear from Alvis ever again. When we checked Modalane in Lursoft, we saw that his company has over 30k EUR debt in taxes.


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