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If you are deciding where to have your surgery done in riga and which surgeon to choose. I can say from my recent experience of being left with awful stretch skin scars after having a breast lift with dr kaspars feldmanis 2 weeks ago. Do not trust this surgeon.

After 10 years of wanting a breast lift to feel confident in clothing i decided on a breast lift in riga. I had 2 consultations with other surgeons but due to the pandemic i was unable to go to them. As i really wanted the lift done prior to my returning to Australia i went to dr feldmanis who was still operating.

After the first week post surgery i had my bandages removed, a very excited me was devastated when i saw stretched marks of skin (similar to stretch marks) on the inside of my right breast the most visible area any woman would want to show off. I asked dr feldmanis about it and he simply said " it's your skin, nothing you can do". I left the clinic crying and spent the whole day sobbing at my hideous results. This was not "my skin" before the surgery. I was not conscious of any skin marks prior to surgery. Purely a lower breast line.

After showing my results to friends who had similar surgery and a surgeon in Australia, they all agreed this was not normal results after a breast lift. Dr feldmanis firstly, did not give me any information of possible side effects which i thought was odd, he certainly never mentioned once about possibility of the stretch mark placements being accentuated and moved.

As a cosmetic surgeon i would think they would have an eye for this kind of result. Patients come to a cosmetic surgeon to feel better about their appearance. Not to have one complex replaced with another. The sole reason for my breast lift was to feel comfortable in a bikini and low cuts, including my wedding dress. Nowi will be covering this area up just as i did before but this time i had to pay for this complex.

My partner who is latvian and i decided we had to speak to dr feldmanis to see what my options were to reverse the results somehow. We went back to the clinic and confronted feldmanis about the scarring. He was completely dismissive, refused to acknowledge how upset i was at the results, blamed my skin for the cause, absolutely anything to avoid accepting any ownership of the botched surgery. We were in there for almost an hour and my partner was as well becoming frustrated with how dr feldmanis arrogantly refused to acknowledge how terrible my result was.

A good plastic surgeon is there to help you and address your concerns should you have any after your surgery. Dr feldmanis put the blame on me, my skin. Has he never in his 25 years as a cosmetic surgeon performed a breast lift on a woman with old, near invisible stretch marks that were previously hidden?

After going around in circles with feldmanis refusing to offer any sort of solution or assistance we gave up and suggested that a refund be in order so i could use the money to pay for laser treatments and such to treat the scarring. At this stage dr feldmanis confirmed that he would accept our request for a refund. This was clearly to get us out of his office as i later received an email that he had contacted his lawyer and that it would have to be taken up with his insurance for further communication.

I strongly believe, (of course cannot confirm this as a fact) that his lawyer writes all responding emails, his english in person is not half of what it is in his return emails. Which goes to show if you have any issue post procedure, he will take it straight to his lawyer. Again, showing his greed and refusal to accept his mistakes.

I cannot regret enough my decision to use this incompetent doctor.


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Sūdzība veiksmīgi atrisināta John Johnston 01.06.2023

The complaint was resolved, please remove it from my profile.

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