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never ever apply to job at Milkyway Distribution!
very unprofessional management, supervisor Viktorija Salinieka is not managing team at all, she only makes promises and then always searches for exuses why promised things are not happening.She does not know company structure and all processes, she will never assist you at any questions and if you will ask her for help she will just ignore your emails ! at the end of the day she will fire without any reasons and explanation.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! stay away from this scam company!

Atbilde no Support Pārstāvja atbilde 18.05.2017

To address this complaint, we would like to inform you about our company’s ex-employee Alina Bogorodicka. She has been recently dismissed by the company based on her continuous misconduct and deliberate ignorance of the company policies and regulations. Despite multiple warnings she never showed any improvement in her work and attitude to the internal workflow, and tried to blame the management for her fails and misconduct, threatening with legal proceedings should the company decide to fire her. We regret that the things have reached this stage but we have already exhausted all other options. Please be careful if you consider employing this person.

Atbilde no Support Pārstāvja atbilde 14.04.2018

Dear all, who were at some point dismissed or rejected, who’s position was cut off during the restructuring or some of the regional groups closure process. As a representative of this company for some of the regional groups, I was involved into the process of notifying company’s will and would like to express my personal regrets that you had been going through this unpleasant experience. Just like in every possible area of our life, we could reach the point, where the relationship could not be started or continued due to the company’s and employee’s conflict of interests. Even-though every party does it best in these situations in order to find compromise or solution, there might be cases, when the best option is to avoid or to cease these relationships or business projects. But, there are good news too; in our global environment, there are plenty of alternatives, which come to substitute and compensate these situations. I hope you have been able to find these options on the market and now enjoying environment, which suits you best, as we all deserve this. With Best regards, Viktorija Salinieka


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