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Cheater Daniels Neibergs he is not layer is low cost a... He steel my money and now I can not get it back, I asked him for a legal advise from he and recommended me to falsify documents and if I will do that he said then I will solve a problem and for such advice he asked me 500 EUR consulting fee... I asked him to register company and only from third time he was able to do that, all work was done with mistakes.
He tries to influence himself not with he profesional behavior but with unskilled work, he has to lose his layers licence i am realy surpriced of such a person in Latvian layers industry.
I believe my words will change something here!! DO NOT WORK WITH THIS I...

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Dannii Disaster 26.03.2013

How did you even communicate with this gentleman? I can barely understand your written expression (and I'm a native speaker).

It's commendable that you feel inclined to inform people, but what purpose does this badly written warning serve -- in a country where English is not one of the two dominant languages?

Da Daniels 05.04.2014

Hi, everybody!

I just tried to ask administrator of this site to delete that unrealistic claim against me. I was asked to pay 200, - EUR for such "service" to Belorussian Company limited (owner of this domain and site). This claim is from my form bookkeeper Aigars, but I don't want to start fight in this dirty way. Pls don't believe this site not only about me but also about another people mentioned there.

If you want more explanation - pls don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail [slēpt]

Best wishes,

Daniels Neibergs

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